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At Opulent BeYouty Salon we have created an atmosphere where you can come and get pampered and styled so you can leave looking and feeling your best.




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About Me

Markena Tillman is the driving force behind Opulent BeYouty Salon. She is a veteran of the hair industry, having honed her craft for more than 28 years now. Markena has always loved hair, fashion, and make-up. When she got her first relaxer it made her feel so good she knew that this was something I wanted to do, make others feel confident and beautiful.

Trust & Integrity

I have been a client of Markena’s for many years. It is profoundly important to me that a person is trustworthy and has integrity, and she is that. I have found her always to be very professional, and extremely knowledgeable in her industry.

It’s very clear that she loves what she does and makes very sure that her clients are satisfied with all phases of services they have requested. She is the BEST!

– Lois Jordan

She’s the Best!

My hairstylist Markena is the Best! I thank her daughter, for handing me a business card over 13 years ago! Markena is a specialist who creates and maintains healthy hair. Markena’s hair salon is a gorgeous and relaxing environment and Markena is a professional.

-Yolanda Sneed

Loyal Customer

Yesterday when I walked into the salon, I was amazed. It was so pretty and upscale! I loved having one-on-one time with Markena in her personal salon and I felt like I really could relax during that time! I absolutely love my hair! I’m natural and I’m very cautious about who I let do my hair. After a horrible experience a year and a half ago, my friend told me about Markena, and her hair was always gorgeous! I tried her out and I’ll be an I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. I’m not going anywhere else!

– Phaedra Burton


From the Portfolio

Opulent BeYouty Salon was created under the principle that all women need to bring out the beauty that lives inside. Our goal is to help you shine.