Are you a discriminating woman?

I’m so excited that you are here. I created Minimal to be a place for the discriminating woman. It is a dream that I have been holding in my heart ever since I was a little girl. And now it is finally a reality!

My dream was to create a space where women could come to look and feel their very best. I want Minimal to be a salon experience where you look forward to coming in to get your hair or make-up done.

One of the most common complaints customers have about going to a salon is the time they have to spend to achieve the look they want. It’s a running joke, “get ready to spend the whole day at the salon”. Well not at Opulent BeYouty.

glass of wineI value my time, and yours. My goal is to get you in and out in a timely manner, while giving you the look you desire. While you’re here, sip on a glass of wine or a refreshing bottle of water while the smooth sounds of Boney James eases the stress of your day away.

We have a great array of services for the discerning, professional woman. From a detoxing and rejuvenating shampoo treatment to commercial hair and natural hair care services. Check out our list of services.

As you can see, I took great care in creating the dream that I envisioned. I take great pride in welcoming you to my new home.

Once again I say, welcome!

I would love your feedback on the services we provide and if there is anything you would like to see us add in the future. Please use our convenient feedback form to send us your concerns or requests.

We look forward to serving you at Opulent Beyouty.

Where you are the richest beyouty.